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Lamex Group of Companies Is a conglomerate of notable key playing industries that offers top-notch services in various sectors key business sectors like aviation, transportation, maritime, petroleum and Hotel. 

We have well established and dominating subsidiary companies like Lamex Petroleum, Lamex Aviation, Lamex Transport and Lamex Maritime. Learn more about our different sub sections.At Lamex, however, we do not rest on our successes alone. We have developed methods and tools for continuous improvement, working with our customers in collaborative ways to ensure that we always strive to be the best. Thereby, offering innovative and optimal solutions to all of our customers, (-old-and-new-) across diverse operations.

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LAMEX TRANSPORT LIMITED was founded in 2000 as a Sole Proprietorship and was subsequently registered under the Company and allied matters Act of 1990 in 2005 to carry on all or any of the businesses of Transport and Haulage.


We want to always provide reliable services that meet the expectations of our customers in through professional service delivery culture

About Lamex Aviation

Lamex Aviation & Air Services is a diverse and dynamic organization that operates in a challenging industry, where the only real constant is change. Therefore, it is imperative to our customers that Lamex Aviation be able to navigate challenges on their behalf in order to keep their operations and their businesses running smoothly. 


Lamex Aviation & Air services is focused on consolidating and strengthening our market position to ensure we are constantly driving industry innovation in key areas such as services, quality and reliability

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About Lamex Petroleum

Lamex Petroleum Limited is among the leading players in the Oil and Gas Industry. 

It has positioned itself to take full advantage of the large range of business opportunity by the current upward trends in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Sector, hereby maintaining a competitive standard over its competition. 


To be a Global World-Class Petroleum Organization in the World’s Oil and Gas industry, through the Provision of World Class Professional Services to our Clients and Environs. 


To be Africa’s leading Oil and Gas Company, with unparalleled commitment to partnership and reputation for quality products and services..

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About Lamex Maritime

LAMEX MARITIME SERVICES LIMITED is a product of determination to put in place, an outfit that is well grounded in the practice of Clearing & Forwarding, Courier/Cargo Clearing, Warehousing, Logistics, Transportation, Consolidation, etc. Since its inception, The Company has continued to witness rapid growth, not only in relation to its clients’ base, but also in the scope of services rendered. 


To provide quick, efficient and effective operational support services for through professional services delivery culture. 


To provide quick, efficient, and effective operational support services for overall benefit of Our Clients.

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About RA City Hotel

Our Hotel and Suites concept gives you the luxury of an international standard hotel with the freedom and space of home, by offering you the flexibility of choosing individual guestrooms or a complete fully fitted apartment. Each of our guestrooms and suites welcome guests with a warm colour palette enriched by deep textured finishing and plush fabrics synonymous with most five start Hotels and Resorts. With many years experience in providing hospitality services, you can be sure of receiving the very best standard of comfort in our serene, peaceful and secured environment.

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